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youths, boot camps, crime, abuseYouth Boot campsyouths, boot camps, crime, abuse

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Time line of the Tarrant County (Texas) Boot Camp( 24 ). This is an overview of a troubled Boot Camp, some of what happened here was a crime.

  • February 1992: Mansfield boot camp facility opens, operated by Esmor Inc.
  • 1993: Two women allege boot camp instructors made sexually explicit remarks and tried to coerce them into having sex.
  • June 1993: The district attorney begins an investigation into the allegations. Two drill instructors resign as a result. More female guards are hired.
  • August 1993: Tarrant County judges renew a one-year contract with Esmor Inc., which becomes Correctional Services Corp.
  • August 2000: Three former inmates allege they were sexually harassed by male workers at the boot camp. One of the male workers is convicted of official oppression. The other is indicted on civil rights and improper sexual activity charges.
  • October
  • 2000: Three probationers escape from the boot camp. Judges warn the facility may close citing an anticipated $2 million budget shortfall in the Tarrant County probation department in 2002.
  • Jan. 9, 2001: Bryan Alexander, an 18-year-old Arlington youth, is transported to the hospital where he dies of pneumonia. His father alleges the youth received inadequate medical care. Boot camp officials say they acted appropriately. The Texas Rangers later agree to investigate the death.
  • Feb. 6, 2001: The former operations manager of the Boot Camp files a lawsuit against Correctional Services Corp. alleging he was unjustly fired after identifying staffing shortages.
  • Feb. 10, 2001: Michael Johnson, a 19-year-old inmate being transported to the hospital, stops breathing and has to be resuscitated. He alleges inadequate care at the facility and is later released to the custody of his mother. Boot camp officials say they acted appropriately.
  • Feb. 16, 2001: Manuel Cordero, an 18-year-old inmate, is transported to the hospital suffering from severe dehydration that doctors said could eventually have caused his kidneys to fail, a family member says. Boot camp officials say the teen received prompt and appropriate care.
  • Feb. 21, 2001: Tarrant County judges agree to assume management of the facility, ending the nine-year relationship with Correctional Services Corp. The action depends on whether state legislators approve additional funding. Trial begins in civil suit brought by three former inmates alleging they were sexually harassed.

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