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youths, boot camps, crime, abuseYouth Boot campsyouths, boot camps, crime, abuse

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(mentioned on last page)Bryan Alexander, fell ill in a boot camp ran by Correctional Services Corp. in Mansfield, Texas. Witnesses said Bryan complained of feeling weak and coughed up blood days before he was hospitalized. Nurse Knyvett Reyes felt he was faking his illness and ignored his pleas for help. On January 2001 Bryan Alexander died in the hospital of penicillin-resistant form pneumonia. Nurse Reyes was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced to four years' community supervision. Bryan was sent to boot camp because of a DWI, is first and only run in with the law (25 ).

At sixteen Nicholaus Contreraz was busted his crime, joyriding in a stolen car in Sacramento California. He was sent out of state to an Arizona boys ranch. First he complained of nausea and diarrhea. The staff thought it was ploy to get out of physical exercise. They called him a "baby" and told him "in his head.". The abuse from the staff got worse. In the next two months he had bouts of 103-degree fever, muscle spasms, severe chest pains, and impaired breathing. The staff continued with calisthenics, running. On March 2, 1998. Staff allegedly spent much of that evening throwing him to the ground, bouncing him off a wall, and making him do more push-ups. He collapsed he was ordered by the staff to get up. He replied "no" these were his last words he died. An autopsy found that Contreraz's distended abdomen had more than two-and-a-half quarts of pus from a virulent hybrid infection of staph and strep. The boys lungs had fluid that was probably inhaled when he was vomiting. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest (26 ).

15 year old, Caleb Jensen died on May 2, 2007 at Alternative Youth Adventures in Montrose County, Colorado. The cause of death was from staphylococcus infection. Despite obvious symptoms, Celeb did not get medical care. Celeb spent the last week of his life laying in his own urine and feces, according to court documents (27 ).

Alternative Youth Adventures who's parent company was Community Education Centers of New Jersey first had their license for residential and therapeutical childcare suspended by the state, then they decided to surrender their license to the state (28 ).

Five Juvenile Justice officials lost their jobs over the abuse of youths in their care. A "preponderance of evidence" evidence said that boot camp guards assaulted and manhandled the Youths in Maryland (29 ).

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youths, boot camps, crime, abuse