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youths, Justice , boot camps, crime, abuseYouth Boot campsyouths, Justice , boot camps, crime, abuse

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A Boot Camp in Maryland was investigated by the FBI for abuse. The charge was guards regularly beat inmates in their charge. This charge has lead to the dismissal of the head of Maryland's juvenile justice department. Gilberto de Jesus Maryland's secretary of the state Department of Juvenile Justice was forced out along with four other state officials(30 ).

A US Justice Department investigated a Boot Camp in Georgia. The investigation found that the facility was overcrowded and dangerous to the point of being unconstitutional (31 ).

14 year old Tony Haynes died because of the cruel treatment he received in an Arizona Boot Camp. The camp is run by Buffalo Soldiers Re-enactors' Association, and is meant to help wayward youth. It's reported while in the desert Tony dehydrated and delirious then collapsed (32 ).

Three Maryland Boot Camps caused injuries like broken bones, chipped teeth, lacerations, deep bruises and limb dislocations that required surgery to fix. The Program was called the "Savage Leadership Challenge". These charges where made after a reporter was allowed was allowed to follow a group of Youths (33 ).


youths, Justice , boot camps, crime, abuse