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point and counterpoint on medicinal cannabis

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ANTI-medicinal cannabis

Wev Shea
State of Alaska
Division Of Elections
pamphlet for the 1998 November election.

Marijuana is a debilitating illegal Drug. In 1990 the Citizen of Alaska voted to "recrimanalize" the use of marijuana. Now, at a time when illegal drug use is destroying the very foundation of our Nation and this great state -the family unit- This Act is attempting to legalize marijuana as a "medicine."

This inept Act allows the "patients" and primary "care-givers" to grow their own "pot" The Act has no provisions to protect against the impurities from "street grass." The Act then attempts to hold patients and care-givers, as well as physicians "harmless" from the Use of marijuana. The Act is a license to grow, use, transport and sell marijuana. It is a bad law.

Dronabinol (marinol) is an approved, controlled drug that is the principal "psychoactive" substance in marijuana Physicians prescribe Dronabinol for symptoms ranging from nausea associated with cancer chemo therapy, to anorexia in AIDS patients. Due to the "psychoactive" affects of Dronabinol, patient supervision, if possible in an in patient setting is required. Marijuana is no substitute.

The Legalizing of street-grade marijuana, grown by its drug-user patients and care-givers, as allowed by this Act borders on "pure folly." What physician would prescribe an illegal drug to patients when there are no quality controls? No physician can ignore a basic tenant of medical practice: "quality care in the best interest of the patient.".

This Act is attempting to deceive Alaskan into thinking we are voting for compassion of those having "debilitating" illnesses. The Act is attempting to use the sick, infirmed and dying to pry open the door to drug legalization. From 1991 to 1996 marijuana use nationwide among eight graders tripled from 6% to 18%. Any legalization of marijuana sends the wrong message to the youth of Alaska. Marijuana is the gateway drug to cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. As a result, this Act is opposed by local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.

The use of illegal drugs, including marijuana, leads to lack of individual self respect, as well as lack of respect of others and society in general. Ultimately, marijuana and other illegal drugs destroy an individuals mind, as well as the "soul". Since marijuana users are not able to distinguish between "right from wrong" the burden of use of illegal drugs is ultimately placed on each of us individually and society as a whole.


Cannabis, marijuana, medicine, Dronabinol, marinol,Medical Marijuana, Medical cannabis