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point and counterpoint on medicinal cannabis

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Within 50 miles of Anchorage, marijuana with the highest THC content ever recorded is cultivated, grown, distributed and smoked. This is a very cash rich crop that sells in the area of $7,000 to $8,0000 per pound. This pot is raised in ideal indoor growing conditions and grafted to the best strains worldwide to achieve its exceptional quality.

The grass growing business is do cash rich that individuals are willing to risk everything to receive the high economic benefit. . Those at the top of the marijuana distribution chain do not use the product. They know the effects of marijuana on the mind, body, and soul. It destroys motivation, understanding and growth in all users, especially Alaska's youths.

Marinol (Dronabinal) is an approved drug that contains the principal psychoactive substance in marijuana. Physicians prescribe this approved, quality-controlled drug for symptoms ranging from anorexia in AIDS patients to nausea associated with Cancer chemotherapy. Street-grade grass is not needed, nor is it a substitute for Marinol.

The psychoactive effect of marijuana is parallel to Marinol on drug users: decreased cognitive performance and memory, decreased ability to control drives and impulses and alteration of reality, including distortions in perceptions of objects, sense of time, and hallucinations. In addition, drug users experience mood changes of euphoria, detachment, depression, anxiety, panic and paranoia. Street pot with no quality control is bad for any drug user.

Marinol is a controlled substance with high quality control requirements. Ballot Measure No. 8 has no quality control guidelines. The drug user can grow his own street grass of unknown psychoactive or THC content.

Ballot measure No. 8 is simply a bad law that creates another large state bureaucracy. Basically, Alaskans will be forced to pay for the ill advised control of illegal drug users. In addition, drug user patients, their caregivers and physicians prescribing the street grass are held harmless for the consequences of pot use. Alaskan society as a whole must bear the burden economically and socially of pot users.

How can a well meaning, professional and competent physician prescribe a psychoactive drug that has not been tested and has no quality control criteria?The answer is that he or she cannot in good faith and in the best interest of the patient prescribe psychoactive marijuana without knowing the potency. Ballot measure No.8 is so poorly conceived and drafted that it is even a disgrace to the marijuana-legalization movement nation wide. It appears that the author of ballot measure No. 8 may have been smoking the product he or she endorses during drafting the bill.

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THC, marijuana, Marinol, Dronabinal, psychoactive, Ballot measure, pot, marijuana, legalization