Civil rights, Marijuana, medicinal cannabis, prison, Dronabinol, marinol, Cannabis, grass

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point and counterpoint on medicinal cannabis

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How about the negative effect of massive Civil rights violations on families?
---- William Foster (Rheumatoid arthritis patient) who was sentence to 93 years in prison for cultivating medical Cannabis. This sentence was reduced to 20 years by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.
---- James Cox (cancer) was sentence to 15 years in prison for cultivating medicinal cannabis.

For anyone to spend one moment in prison, in an attempt end their suffering or to save their life is a "moral outrage". The opponents of medicinal cannabis call it "justice".

Another claim is "The Act has no provisions to protect against the impurities from 'street grass'".

Marijuana is a naturally grown substance. It is just as "crude", or impure as tomatoes, especially if self produced. If the law changed, and patients weren't prosecuted, cannabis would likely be inspected just as many food items are presently inspected.

They declare "Dronabinol (marinol) is an approved, controlled drug, that is the principal "psychoactive substance in marijuana . Physicians prescribe Dronabinol for symptoms ranging from nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy, to anorexia in AIDs patients".

The drug, Dronabinol is extremely expensive (almost $300 for 1mg), and can cost $30,000.00 per year (3). What if you don't have insurance, or your policy is canceled? Or perhaps it does not cover specific life threatening illnesses. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, 1 in 4 Americans have either no health insurance or inadequate coverage. A 1993 Harris poll revealed that Americans pay more for out of the pocket for health care than citizens of countries. The Urban Institute concluded that the lack of health insurance is associated with a 25% higher risk of death (4).

Personal experience has taught me that State Aid is only for the truly destitute. You cannot have a home, you cannot have a car, you cannot make more than 300.00 dollar a month.

What of the Synthetic THC (Marinol)? In 1978 a NCI memo stated they felt marinol was not acceptable for use in humans, and also stated that "all in all the (marijuana) cigarette perhaps the best means of administering the drug" (5).A random sample, anonymous survey of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (6), completed in the Spring of 1990 found, of the respondents 28% felt they had enough information to compare Cannabis to Marinol:
44% believed cannabis to be more effective.
13% believed marinol to be more effective,
43% though they we're equally effective
77% of those who had a preference, preferred Cannabis.

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Civil rights, Marijuana, medicinal cannabis, prison, Dronabinol, marinol, Cannabis, grass