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D.A.R.E., prevention, curriculum, drugs, educationDoes D.A.R.E. keep kids off drugs?D.A.R.E., prevention, curriculum, drugs, education

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The experts too have complaints on the D.A.R.E. education program. M. Amos Clifford writing in the California prevention network journal said "every expert prevention specialist I know will without a single exception . . . believes that D.A.R.E. should be ranked somewhere between a sham and mediocrity. William Midzeleski, drugs prevention specialist U.S. department of education said "Research shows that, no, D.A.R.E. hasn't been effective in reducing drug use."

Under the Hatch Amendment (Federal Register, Vol. 49 No. 174, Sept, 6, 1984 page 35321-22) critics of D.A.R.E. claim that D.A.R.E. does not have parental review, and parental consent. Gary Peterson of ft Collins Colorado says about D.A.R.E. "Very clearly, this program is illegal according to federal law as it's been implemented in Poudre R-1's program" One of these problem area's is under the Hatch amendment D.A.R.E. curriculum material must be made available for public inspection. To this Peterson replied "They have consistently refused to let us look at the instructors manual ."


D.A.R.E., prevention, curriculum, drugs, education