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Fairbanks Daily Newsminer,
letter to the Editor
published May 22 1997

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Drug War

Drugs may destroy lives. But some lives are ravaged by the "war on drugs," and not the drugs themselves.

Was Jim Collette's March 14 1997, death somehow related to the DEA raid and confiscation of his property 41/2 years ago? Probably. You can destroy a man by destroying his dream. Collette never received a trail. Will we ever know if justice was served?

Then we have the case of 17 year-old Nicole Richardson, of Mobile Ala. She had a boyfriend named Jeff who was a low level drug dealer. Soon Jeff was arrested in a DEA sting.

After his arrest he cooperated with authorities, he called Nicole and he asked her to place a phone call to a friend to collect on a debt. She was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute.

Nicole, not being in the "drug scene" or a drug user, had no information. She had nothing to offer enforcement officials. She could make no "deal." Jeff got a five year prison sentence due to his cooperation.(See Families Against Mandatory Minimums' web page at

Donald Jones of Florida had a ranch that was seized in a 1988 raid.

What Caused this raid? An investigation of a 1986 plane crash of a "drug smuggler's" plane. The plane was allegedly heading toward the ranch.

The evidence of the drug smuggling? Metal grommets, the kind used in duffle bags. Not a trace of drugs were ever found, either on the ranch or in the wreckage of the plane. After a legal battle costing $700,000 the ranch was returned to Jones in 1994. (See Forfeitures Endanger American Rights, web page, )

Who is to blame for all of this? The police? No. The blame rests directly upon the shoulders of our "do anything to get elected politicans."

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