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JLS's story

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JLS, is an African American male, whose has been happily married to his second wife for years. His wife is decorated veteran who serve in places like Vietnam and Thailand. She served in both the Marines and the Air Force received five honorable discharges, and but was left 80% disabled. She was sworn to serve and protect the American way of life and the constitution. Both of them now are probably wondering what she was fighting for.

Their nightmare began after JLS cataract surgery that was done by Dr Lewis in 1979 at Providence hospital in Anchorage Alaska. After his surgery it was discovered he also suffered from glaucoma. It was discovered that the only thing that would keep his inner eye pressure under control was cannabis . His doctors tolerated his cannabis use in order to save his eye sight. But they could not prescribe it, due to federal regulations.

Things settled into a routin for JLS, his wife and children. Until the fateful day JLS was accused of child abuse. He was never charged and subsequently cleared of all allegations. Then came other allegations of abuse. These too were found to be groundless, and he was cleared. The most upsetting was the charge of sexual abuse against his daughter. His daughter was molested by man in another state when she lived in that state with her mother. Regardless of his innocence the girl was seized and taken into state custody on October 28 1993.

What could cause such zealous actions by a state agency? Answers might be found in the allegations that have been made by JLS daughter. She alleged the social worker in question didn't like interracial marriages, and said such marriages were against God. JLS is an African American, and his wife is white. Some evidence also points to JLS medicinal use of cannabis, as a motive for such harsh treatment.

It is alleged that at a meeting between DFYS and JLS at a meeting at a Pizza Hut plain clothes police were present in the pizza hut. At the same time enforcement officials searched his residence without a warrant. Regardless of how it happened drug enforcement official were now in JLS life.


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