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JLS's story

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The raid that developed from his investigation the police turned up two joints (cannabis cigarettes) and one bud of cannabis. This investigation also caused the fraudulent claim that JLS had been growing cannabis since the age of 14. JLS denys these statements. The end result, JLS was left without his medicine or the means to grow it.

On 1-23-96 JLS completed his probation without legal incident. Due to the conditions of his probation, and having his home tightly monitored , he was unable to grow his medication. He was therefore forced to undergo different medical and surgical procedures. After which he enter into criminal activities of purchasing marijuana in order to save his eye sight.

Law enforcement again entered his life on July 17 1996. Drug enforcement had received a tip from a municipal law enforcement official that JLS son was responsible for the distribution of controlled substances in the area.

The focus of the investigation and raid quickly shifted from JLS's son to JLS.. This time the raid turned up 14 ounces of usable cannabis. But no evidence of trafficking could be found. After 120 days the grand jury refused to indict JLS on trafficking charges. Charges were reduced to simple possession.

JLS was never tried for the offense. For now JLS has made peace with local drug enforcement officals. But with zealous governmental agencies, and the War On Drugs the peace is flimsy at best.


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