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Donnie Clark grew marijuana from 1979-85, then he was arrested and received a two year house arrest sentence. After this Donnie stopped growing. In 1990 the feds came to Mayakka county and arrested 28 people including Donnie Clark for conspiracy to grow more than 1 million plants, which carries a life sentence. Despite the fact he stopped growing after his arrest Donnie will have to spend rest of his life behind bars (56 ).

O. Maffett Pound, Maffett a 52 year old resort owner in Mississippi. Bought 300 pounds of Marijuana to use or sell to his friends over a 3 year period. He was turn in by one of his buyers. Maffet's wife was sentenced to 5 years in prison for not turning in her husband. She did not smoke cannabis(57 ).

Nicole Richardson, fell in love with a small time drug dealer. Soon after the boyfriend started selling LSD. One of the boyfriends customers was a DEA agent, and he was busted. A deal was struck for the boyfriend to cooperate with the DEA. So the Boyfriend called Nicole and ask where he could contact his LSD supplier to pay back an old debt. Under the DEA setup Nicole was arrested for conspiracy to distribute LSD. But Nicole didn't have anything of value for the DEA so no deal was made. Jeff received 5 years for his part reduced because of his cooperation. Nicole however got a 10 year sentence (58 ).

Luther and Meredith Ricks from Lima Ohio said they had always been frugal and managed to save more than $400,000. They didn't trust banks so they kept the money in a safe in there house. During a break-in, in 2007 by two burglars. Luther attacked and Luther's son was stabbed before Luther was able to shoot and kill one of the attackers. The police cleared Luther of the shooting saying he acted in self defense. But hey found a small amount of marijuana, Luther said he used to manage pain from arthritis and a hip replacement surgery. The Ricks were never charged but the FBI stepped in and took the couples life savings(59 ).

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marijuana, Enforcement History, marijuana, conspiracy, cannabis, LSD, DEA, police, FBI