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In 1991 Police Stopped Allen Coulter Kidd when he was riding his motorcycle through Chesterfield County, Virginia. They believed he might be a drug courier. The police found no drugs but took him to police headquarters anyway. They seized 2,780 cash he had on him and his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Kidd plead not guilty to the charge and the case was dismissed, because the police had no evidence. But it took Kidd a year to get half his money and his motorcycle back (60 ).

Innocent until proven guilty? Not always! Sometimes when your proven innocent you're still guilty. Police found 500 marijuana plants on disabled retirees land, a 37 acre farm. Delmar Puryear said he hand no knowledge of the plants and a jury found him innocent. But the federal government refused to stop its efforts to seize land until Mr. Puryear agreed to pay $12,000(61 ).

Early on October 2, 1992 at Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, 61 year old Donald Scott were sleeping they awoke to a 27 man police task force smashing through there door with guns drawn. His wife raced down stairs and was confronted by a group of men holding guns. She yelled : "Don't shoot me! Don't kill me!". Responding to his wife's pleas Donald race downstairs with a gun. He was ordered to lower his weapon as he obeyed he was shot dead. The reason for the raid was a false tip about Marijuana growing on his property. An investigation into matter showed not only did the police have lack of evidence about a growing operation they also lied to obtain to the judge to get the search warrant. There is also evidence that the police hoped t seize the property and sell it to the Park Service. District Attorney Michael Bradbury "It is the District Attorney's opinion that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was motivated, at least in part, by a desire to seize and forfeit the ranch for the government.". During the raid not a trace of marijuana was found.(62 ).

A few other facts behind the policies whose effectiveness is dubious, at best.

What about drug law enforment at the work place is it effect? In Alaska The great 90 anti-marijuana message had no effect on workers injuries/illness. Because that rate has remained relatively steady ever since 1975(63 ).

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Enforcement,  History, Police, drug, seized, marijuana