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A pair of studies at Utah Power and lights Co. and Georgia Power company purporting to show that drug user's pose a high risk of accidents and absenteeism only looked at user's who had exhibited problem behavior on the job. Not surprisingly , this population had worse than average work records. Nevertheless Utah power found that drug user's less in health insurance benefits, while Georgia power found lower rates of absenteeism in worker who tested positive for Marijuana (64 ).

The performance of even the "best" toxicology laboratories on urine drug screens are grossly defective with frequent misidentifications. Error rates on unknown samples commonly run as high as 20% to 70% (65 ).

An issue of Journal of General Internal Medicine said "As screening test, two important technical features need to be considered in testing urine for drugs-It's accuracy and it's validity. Although the operational characteristics of urine drug testing are not known, recent literature indicates, that, as with other emerging technologies, it is fraught with technical difficulties. It is our belief that even if these technical problems were fully soluble, the ethical, and medico legal ones are not" (66 ).

President Reagan's Commission on Organized Crime review the progress on the war on drug in 1986 and concluded what was obvious: " Despite continuing expressions of determination, America war on Drugs seems nowhere close to success."(67 ).

Something else to think about is research has shown lowering penalties for cannabis use did not cause a rise in its use(68 ).

In the 1980's the Reagan administration had zero tolerance drug polices. Nearly three out of four state and local prosecutors didn't like the policy. Two thirds believed their (prosecutors) little or no impact on reducing the supply of illegal drugs or their street price(69 ).

Rep Henry Hyde, said about this countries seizure policy in the War On Drugs. "Everything you have can be taken away at the whim of one or two federal or state officials. Regardless of sex, age, race, or economic situation, we are all potential Victims."(70 ).

Asset forfeiture has been called a valuable tool of law enforcement to bring down major kingpins. A study in Boston found that drug dealers who had money forfeited to law enforcement and more lenient sentences than those who have no money (71 ).

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Enforcement, History, drug, Marijuana, urine drug test, screening, war on drug, cannabis, Asset forfeiture