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On August 3 1989 Bruce Lavoie was peacefully sleeping in his room he shared with his young son in the village of Hudson, New Hampshire. At five in the morning he was awaken by a loud noise as his whole home was shaken violently. A battering ram had smashed through his front door. A band of armed angry men rushed into his apartment. Rising to defend his son Lavoie was shot to death by the cops. all that was retrieved was a cannabis cigarette butt(44 ).

On September 14 1986, President Reagan pleaded that "for the sake of our children, I implore you to be unyielding and inflexible in your opposition to drugs." The country must have listened.(45 )

The police stopped a truck that had what looked like cannabis in the back of the vehicle. An officer wrestled the driver out of the truck, slammed him down on the cement, and hand cuffed his hands behind his back. Next the policeman pulled out his snubbed nosed revolver .357 magnum revolver and fired two shots in the back of his head(46 ).

On June 3, 1987, a mother in Los Angeles "just snapped." She picked up a "butcher knife" and stabbed her teenage daughter to death. Why? Because the mother thought the daughter was using cocaine. The mother was found cradling her daughter body, the knife still sticking in her chest. " I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you. Don't die," sobbed the mother as she rocked the dead child back and forth (47 ).

Jennifer Budak, what she did was worse than theft, fighting (1 to 3 days suspension) or attempting to burn down the school (10 days suspension ) she attended because the punishment given was worse than all those offenses. The freshman at River Valley High School who regularly attends Baptist church bible study, and was described by the River Valley board vice president as a "Good girl from a good family." She Had a habit of collecting pens. One of them was a "Pot pen". The pen contained sterile pot seeds that are legal to possess by state law. In January, she brought the Pot Pen to school, and loaned it to a friend, the friend was caught with it in gym class. The result was a 45 suspension without make up privileges. This was due to the schools zero tolerance policy (48 ).

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Bruce Lavoie, battering ram, drugs, police, cops, policeman, cannabis, cocaine, Pot, enforcement, history