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13 year old Katie stretch said the roasted hemp seeds she brought to school as a snack were just like sunflower seeds. But, Hanshew middle school officials suspended her for 10 days, under a tough anti drug policy. Katie who had never been suspended or served detention before said "I was nervous and I was scared because they called the police down. I really didn't understand it." Katie mother said "I want the School district to do their job. But I am real concerned about why parents aren't called first before they bring in the police and start talking about a ten day suspension"(49 ).

A Colorado Student ran afoul of his schools zero tolerance drug policies and was suspended. The first graders crime was having a handful of lemon cough drops(50 ).

High school senior Carter Loar, was suspended for ten days for using mouth wash. His suspension was due to the schools zero tolerance for alcohol policy that prohibited bring any liquid containing alcohol on school grounds. He was also order to spend three days in a substance abuse class. ( 51 )

15 middle school students were suspended in Bremerton, Washington for passing around and tasting Alka-Seltzer tablets. According to school officials, this three week suspension could be cut to three days if the students agree to enter "drug-awareness classes and counseling." (52 ).

High school girls have been suspended from school for giving out Midol(53 ).

In 1998 a quick acting middle school'er in Maryland lent her inhaler to a fellow student who was having an asthma attack on the bus ride home. Astama is nothing to mess around with, you can be hospitalized or die from and attack. For her act the school labeled the student a drug trafficker(54 ).

During a lock down search of Savannah Georgia school on Nov. 1995.

A teacher, Ms Hearn, who was 1994 teacher of the year, told someone she was upset because She said "Because I teach the constitution" and was concerned about civil rights. A police officer herd the remark and reported her to the principle. The officer said MS Hearn had an attitude problem and might have to be restrained during future searches. This wasn't the end of it. During a February lock down search Hearn's son was the only student out of 1500 to be searched. The searched allegedly found a small piece of a joint in the Hearn's car which had it's windows rolled down, and the door where unlocked. Even though the search violated school board policy, MS Hearn was ordered to have a urine test within two hours of the search Ms Hearn refused, but the urine test she took next day came up negative. Even though urine test can detect marijuana up to 30 days after ingestion of cannabis she was still suspended. Then Hearn's was fired, despite the objection of teachers and students. Thus remove as the police wanted in the first place(55 ).

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Enforcement, History, hemp, suspended, anti drug, police, zero tolerance, policy, school, lock down search