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An independent review of an extreme anti meth scare campaign, by the Montana Meth Project (MMP), failed to stop methamphetamine abuse. The campaign showed the extreme consequences of using meth "just once." The review found that after six months of MMP graphic ads there was a three fold increase in teens saying using meth isn't a risky behavior and teens were more likely to say heroin and cocaine use isn't risky. Erceg-Hurn of a Society for Prevention Research said about an apparent drop in the use of meth and the ad campaign "Meth use had been declining for at least six years before the ad campaign commenced, which suggests that factors other than the graphic ads cause reductions in meth use. Another issue is that the launch of the ad campaign coincided with restrictions on the sale of cold and flu medicines commonly used in the production of meth. This means that drug use could be declining due to decreased production of meth, rather than being the result of the ad campaign," (13 ).

Anti meth efforts in Idaho, have failed to gain its main goal. A survey (in 2008) by the Idaho Meth Project found that though the "gritty and graphic" ad programs were effective convincing the youths that methamphetamine had dangers, but one in five said that using meth would make them feel happy and close to one in four would tactility approve of there friends using meth. These are the same as the 2007 results (14 )


The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program has been widely touted as a preventative for drug use. But One evaluation said "the level of drug use among kids who had gone through DARE was virtually identical to the level among kids who had not . . . [and based on multiple outcome measures the conclusion was reached that] DARE exposure does not produce any long-term prevention efforts on adolescent drug use rates." A 1994 National Institute of Justice sponsored Study said, "while DARE was loved by teachers and participants, it had no effect on drug use." (15 ).

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