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How can parents hope to keep kids off drugs? "Monitoring is the key factor," said Grace M Barnes, Phd., a senior research scientist at RIA. "monitoring means knowing where your kids are, who their friends are, when they are coming in, and so on. We found that it's important for all adolescents and especially for the older kids. Parents might think that when the kids get older they don't need as much supervision but they do(20 ). Another study showed, attempting to control teenagers through psychical discipline not effective(21 ).

Strong families have been proven to decrease the risk of drug use> Youths with weak Family Ties are "Four times likelier to have tried tobacco" and "Four times likelier to have tried marijuana" and finally "Almost three times likelier to have tried alcohol." (24 ).

Even having dinner together as a family decrease the risk of Substance abuse. Youths who have five to seven family dinners per seek are less likely to use tobacco, marijuana, alcohol (25 ).

Other things family dinners can prevent are fights in school, thoughts of suicide, and a better ability to hand stress(26 ).

The General Accounting Office said about drug abstinence only programs "There is no evidence that the no use approach is more successful than alternative approaches, or even successful in its own right."(27 ).

Responsible alcohol use programs are more successful than abstinence only programs (28 ).

When we develop prevention programs, they should be based on scientific evidence and not a political Ideology (29 ).


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