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Medicinal cannabis

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Some of Cannabis's possible medical uses are:

Industrial hemp flower tops, have Cannabidiolic acid. Cannabidiolic acid is remarkably effective as an analgesic for burns and as an antibiotic against bacterial infections that might invade the ear, nose, throat or wounds (8 ). A substance in young cannabis plants cannabidioic acids that can be use as an antibiotic. A 1990 Florida study showed that cannabidiol, can be effective in treating herpes (9).

The hemp seed is actually a fruit and comprises half the weight of a plant and does not contain detectable amounts of THC (10 ). Hemp seeds are 35 percent oil by weight, and this oil contains 80 to 81 percent Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) (11 ).EFA is a natural immune booster as noted by R. Hamilton, ED.D. PhD medical researcher-biochemist U.C.L.A Emeritus (12 ). Also hemp seeds are al so rich in omega-3, an important nutritional supplement(13 ).

Hemp seeds can help you maintain a healthy heart as researched called "Cholesterol Induced Stimulation of Platelet Aggregation is Prevented by a Hempseed-Enriched Diet." Has indicated (14 ).

Research into the compounds that make up cannabis have shown, possible medical utility in traumatic brain injury, inflammatory bowel disease, allergic contact dermatitis, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's disease (15 ).

There is also evidence that cannabis can prevent migraine headaches(16 ).

Cannabis has long been consider a treatment for Glaucoma. Cannabis is two to three times as effective as are current legal medicines for reducing eye pressure, without toxic side effects or damage to the liver and kidneys associated with presently approved Glaucoma drugs(17 ).

Cannabis is also good dilator of the airways called the bronchiole, small air tubes of the lungs(18 ).

Research shows that 60% of all epileptics could be helped by cannabis (19 ). A 1989 issue of the " Journal of Neurology " by doctors in Federal Republic of Germany noted improvements in Multiple Sclerosis after taking cannabis. A Cannabis derivative Cannabidiol, is promising anti convulsant (20 ).

hemp, Medicinal cannabis, cannabis, Glaucoma, Institute of Medicine for the National Academy of Science

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