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Cannabis may stave off Alzheimer's disease (21 ).

Compounds in cannabis have trigger the formation of new neurons or brain cells and cut inflammation linked to dementia in experiments. Other research has shown cannabis acts on the parts of the brain involved in memory, appetite, pain and mood(22 ). This brain cell reproduction could offset the onset of Alzheimer's disease (23 ).

Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia discovered that cannabis could be effective in treating both benign and malignant tumors (24 ).

A committee of the Institute of Medicine for the National Academy of Science speaking on cannabis recommended further research, especially in the relief of nausea and vomiting in cancer chemotherapy, Asthma, seizures and spasticity (25 ).

About half the patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy being treated with anti cancer drugs suffer severe nausea. 30 to forty percent use antimetic drugs(26 ). Researcher, A. Chang, found that patients got less relief from synthetic THC after one or two chemotherapy sessions. As oppose to long relief cannabis provides(27 ). Studies on Cancer patients legally permitted to smoke cannabis in New Mexico, California, Michigan, New York, Georgia and Tennessee revealed cannabis often reduces nausea and vomiting when all available prescriptions fail to work(28 ).

Studies New Mexico and Tennessee found cannabis reduced nausea and vomiting in more than 90 percent of patient receiving chemotherapy. Studies in New York and Michigan found 80% cancer patients who use cannabis got relief from emesis. A study in Georgia had 73 percent (29).

What is synthetic THC? THC Delta 9 was isolated by Dr Ralph Mechoulam at the University of Tel Aviv in 1964(30 ). THC was developed by the government for animal toxicology studies, A NCI Memo from 1978 said synthetic THC is too "erratic" and "the formulation of THC was not be acceptable (for use in humans)." The memo concludes, "all in all the (marijuana) cigarette may be the best means of administering the drug"(31 ). THC, is profoundly psychoactive, many older patients have problems have a problem with synthetic THC. Even patients who have smoke cannabis reported the "high", was more powerful and anxiety producing effect. Studies also found problems with synthetic THC, such as one by the Mayo clinic found 50% would rather vomit than take synthetic THC. THC's relief is short lasting only one to three hours relief(32 ). One doctor said that not one in his patients would accept synthetic THC as a substitute for cannabis. Patients had felt betrayed by THC, and one women actually threw the bottle of THC back in his face(33 ).

cannabis, nausea, synthetic THC, medicine, Controlled Substance Act, marijuana

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