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Medicinal cannabis

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Another report said that more people improve with one cannabis cigarette, than with one dose synthetic THC(34 ).

Has the government done everything it can to allow cannabis as medicine? Consider, during the debates over where to place cannabis in the "Controlled Substance Act", a compromised was reached it would be placed on schedule I until federal agencies conducted a thorough scientific investigation then be rescheduled(35 ). Then the during Ford administration in 1976, the NIDA and the DEA banned federal funding into medicinal cannabis research(36 ).

The Reagan administration put out soft feelers in Sept of 1983, on the possibility of destroying all research between 1966 and 1976 (37 ). These are the main years that showed cannabises medical utility.

When the states tried to break out of the federal control system to meet the needs of its citizens, the federal agencies responded aggressively promoting synthetic THC as a substitute for marijuana(38 ).

Arrest and harassment in the 1980's and 1990's

Cancer suffer, and medicinal cannabis user Lynn Pierson, died eight months after the New Mexico legislature promised to help him meet his legitimate medical needs. He never received any legal Marijuana due to Federal interference(39 ).

"Brownie Mary" Mary Rathbun was arrested in July 1992 for baking cannabis laced brownies for AIDS patients. The governments case began to unravel, leaving only a misdemeanor possession charge. This was dropped on Dec 15 because according to Gene Tunney it would be too costly to prosecute(40 ).

Paralyzed Chris Woilderski tried to get FDA approval for medicinal use of cannabis, he said about his experience "FDA officials lied to me and my doctor" he also said " The bureaucrats gave me the red-tape run around. My Senators were useless. The Bush administration simply killed the compassionate IND program and ignored my pleas for help"(41 ).

Medicinal cannabis, FDA, IND program, medical marijuana, DEA

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