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Medicinal cannabis

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The California Police Chiefs Association president Steve Krull, urged DEA Administrator Karen Tandy to "become more actively involved in working with local law enforcement to close these [medical marijuana] distribution centers, seize their profits and all marijuana which might be located and to take these cases into the federal judicial system." Krull believed that "a concentrated effort sustained over a period of time would send a strong message to local and county government that 'medical marijuana' is not allowed and that those who profit from the sales and distribution of marijuana under the guise of 'medicine' will face the consequences."(46).

The California State Supreme Court rule what could be a devastating blow to medical cannabis Coops they ruled primary caregivers must have an established care-giving relationship with the patient before providing that patient with medicinal marijuana. They also ruled that primary care givers cannot sell their cannabis to other medicinal users or collectives. They said that these acts "do nothing to insulate from prosecution for his cultivation of and sale of marijuana for those for whom he did not provide shelter or non marijuana-based health care " and "... nor would it protect him from prosecution for cultivating marijuana and providing it to cannabis clubs." (47 ).

A way out

President Obama said about arresting medicinal cannabis users "The Justice Department going after sick individuals using this as a palliative instead of going after serious criminals makes no sense," (48 ).

Or more of the same

Some are concerned, even though Obama has promised not to go after medical cannabis users his perceived choices for his administration don't reflect this. Eric Holder, for US Attorney General has shown a bias against the used of medical cannabis (49 ).

A final word from the DEA

In 1988, a DEA administrative law judge, declared that cannabis in it's natural form fulfilled the legal requirements of currently accepted use in treatment in the United states. He also said cannabis is "one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man"(50).

Medicinal cannabis, FDA, IND program, medical marijuana, DEA