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Why do people do drugs in the first place? Ronald Siegel PhD said "A departure from an altered state creates a motivation to return to it."and "Like sex, hunger and thirst, the fourth drive, to pursue intoxication, can never be repressed."(1)

It is clear that many animals are attracted to the elements of intoxication and hallucinogenic experience(2). Many humans also use drugs as part of their religious activities. Native Americans have rituals that include tobacco, sacred mushrooms, datura, and peyote. The Jews use wine as part of their religious rituals as do many Christians(3).

Also consider people who engage in rule breaking behavior, like drug use may be hardwired to do so. Researchers found that people who often engage risky behavior have fewer called dopamine "auto-receptors." These "auto-receptors" are designed to limit the level of the brain chemical dopamine. dopamine is the brain chemical that makes us feel good(4).

Primates use can use alcohol to deal with emotional needs and moods. Also Tobacco unique effects may appeal to 'captive baboons' need to medicate depression. Similarly, the baboons may use other intoxicants not so much out of need but out of desire(5 ).

Indeed, captive primates will show a remarkable drive to intoxicate themselves even in a roomy laboratory cage. whether for reasons of exploration, curiosity, stimulation, tranquilization, dispelling boredom or depression laboratory primates have willingly pursued a vast array of intoxicants when given the opportunity(6 ).

Researchers discovered that some heroin users never become addicted to the drug. Determining factors seem to be the mindset of the user, the users social environment, and the availability of the drug(7 ).

One theory is on the addictiveness of drugs like cocaine are purified and made more potent addiction can occur(8 ).

Another is their surroundings. Can someone's surrounding lead to use, abuse or addiction? Water Buffalo near fighting in Cambodia and Vietnam seen grazing on poppies showing signs of addiction and withdrawal. Game park Elephants also reacted to stress by seeking out alcohol (9).

Researchers also found that how a drunk behaves is a learned behavior(10 ). It seems its more a learned behavior than the biological effect of alcohol (11 ).

It's also been found that the use of alcohol produces the effects that are expected from the user. This is why people behave so differently when they consume it(12).

Being a drug addict, or drug user does not in itself lead to criminal activity, aside from the purchasing and use of the drug. Addiction seems to case inactivity which could make them unproductive or withdrawn (13 ).

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