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Joseph D McNamara said about cannabis as a "gate way drug. "Both President Clinton and Newt Gingrich tried Marijuana without going on to harder drugs and lives of crime. Indeed, most of the police officers I hired during my 18 as police chief admitted in their pre employment interviews that they had tried Marijuana. It didn't keep them from becoming fine police officers"(14 )

Also societies tolerance of drug use via less punitive laws does not lead to an increase of the drugs use (15 ). Illegal drugs and violence are linked primarily through drug marketing: disputes among rival distributors, arguments and robberies involving buyers and sellers, property crimes committed to rise drug money and, more speculatively, social and economic interaction between the illegal markets and the surrounding communities(16 ).

Many youths drugs experimentation is only temporary with no long lasting effects or harms (17 ). Its not abnormal for teens to experiment with drug, and can be part of just part of their development(18 ).

A survey of youths who use drugs found that 20% use them to deal with stress. Half of the 16 to 21 year old's used cannabis, or took cocaine or ecstasy to help them "let go"(19 ).

Could the abuse or misuse of intoxicating substance an attempt to self medicate? Consider more than half youths seeking alcohol and drug treatment have had mental health problems and 40 percent have been state care during their lives( 20 ).

A study said that a third of youths who smoke cannabis regularly use it to self medicate for a number of disorders that include depression, anxiety and stress, sleep difficulties, problems with concentration and physical pain. Authors of the study said "Youth who reported they had been prescribed drugs such as Ritalin, Prozac or sleeping pills, stopped using them because they did not like how these drugs made them feel or found them ineffective. For these kids, the purpose of smoking marijuana was not specifically about getting high or stoned." (21 )