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Private dream, public reality

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Gregorio De La Rosa while serving a six-month sentence for a drug offense at a Wackenhut facility was beaten to death with four days left on his sentence on April 26th of 2001(40 ).

In 2004 four private prison guards beat a female inmate to death Estelle Richardson, died from a skull fracture. A police investigation found that the guards used excessive force (41 ).

Terry Battle was found unresponsive in his cell by guards. Terry had hepatitis C, hypertension, gastroenteritis and was blind. He had seen the prison doctor the day before for diarrhea. Terry died from pneumonia (42 ).

Researchers from the US Department of Justice in 1997 surveyed sixty private prisons. They compared "major incidents," including "assaults, riots, fires and other disturbances" to public prisons over a 12 month period. This survey found a greater amount of incidents in private prisons per thousand inmates than in public prisons. Other research backed up this claim a three year comparative study of "serious incidents" In Oklahoma said "private prisons recorded more than twice as many incidents as public ones." (43 ).

An audit by the state of Colorado on the states private prison providers showed prison doctors changed two inmates prescriptions killing one and possibly killing the other. Doctors delayed required Services of mentally ill inmates. Corrections department didn't required clinics in private prisons to get licensed by the state, this is required by the law. They didn't inspect clinics from May 2003 to December 2004. The state violated law by placing violent inmates in private facilities. Inspectors didn't work as much or as long as they there suppose to. Some simply copied old oversight reports and placed new dates on them. three quarters of the mentally ill inmates didn't get an initial appointment with a mental-health practitioner within a state-mandated time frame. Other incidents in Colorado, on November 1998 CCA opened Kit Carson Correctional Facility in Burlington. Nine months later the institution is investigated for drug smuggling and charges that up to 15 female employees are having sex with prisoners (44 ).

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Private, guard, inmates, prison, filthy, GEO, political, lobbyist, Politics