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drug, addiction, prison, Treatment, incarceration, alcohol, inmates Treatment or prison?drug, addiction, prison, Treatment, incarceration, alcohol, inmates

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It's believed that if the sanctions are high enough, this will stop drug use and prevent drug addiction. It should be noted that in Iran 4 to six percent of Iranians are addicted. This number is probably higher because this is a theocracy, and its tough laws (1 ).

It's been reported that around 150,000 youths in Saudi Arabia abuse drugs (2 ).

The UN reported that in 2007 Saudi Arabia seized one third of all amphetamine group substances in the world. also consider another tough on drugs haven South-East Asia massive illicit drug labs sprung up, this according ti the same UN report (3 ).

A few states so far have tried a new way. Treatment instead of incarceration. This is for people who are charged with only certain kinds of drug offenses only. How has it worked for them? Is it cheaper? Can it break the cycle of drugs, crime and violence?

What is the impact of substance abuse on America's criminal justice system?

A few facts on drugs (including alcohol) and violence.
People in state prison on charges of violence against intimates(4)
No drinking or drugs 44.6%
Drinking only 31.1
Using drugs only 3.9
Drinking and drugs 20.4

Victims of violent crime identified there assailant was on(5 )
Alcohol only 20%
Alcohol and drugs about 5%
Drugs only about 5%
No drugs or alcohol just under 40%
Don't know 30%

What do the perpetrators of these crimes say? More than 30% of inmates in a national survey admitted to being "under the influence" of alcohol at the time of their offenses; an additional 16% were under the influence of both alcohol and other drugs. Other research suggests an even stronger connection between alcohol and violent crime, with up to two thirds of violent offenders having committed their crimes while intoxicated(6 ).

Nationwide  Survey of prisoners populations found people serving time for drug offenses make up twenty percent of inmates of state prisons and fifty seven percent of federal inmates (7 )..

What about the current model of allowing inmates seek treatment in prison?


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