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GOVERNMENT, SEIZURE, State Police, marijuana, confiscated, Agents, illicit drugGOVERNMENT SEIZURE--JUST CAUSE?? Reprinted from Volume 1, Issue 4, FLASHPOINTGOVERNMENT, SEIZURE, State Police, marijuana, confiscated, Agents, illicit drug

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James Burton is an American citizen; but James Burton is presently forced to reside near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

James Burton would like to return to the United States. He would like to come home. ......but he cannot return, and hold any hope of retaining his eyesight. His return to the United States would likely result in blindness within a two year period.

James Burton has a rare form of hereditary, low tension glaucoma. Some members of his family are already sightless.

Home grown marijuana, one pound per month provides the required 10-15 cigarettes Burton needs daily to obtain relief from pain, and ability to retain his eyesight.

On July 7, 1987, in a raid by Kentucky State Police, 138 marijuana plants and two pounds of raw marijuana were found on the Burton farm. The government contended Burton grew marijuana for sale; yet, the court found Burton guilty of simple possession. He had no previous criminal record.

Despite these facts he was sentenced to one year in a Federal maximum security prison without chance of parole.

The government also confiscated his 90 acre farm, valued at over $70,000.

Eighteen years of work and thrift disappeared into government coffers!

Robert Brewer, of Irwin, Idaho, was 61 years old and dying of prostrate cancer on October 10, 1990 when a dozen deputies and tax agents, guns drawn, forced their way into the Brewer home. Agents discovered eight Marijuana plants and a half pound of marijuana.

The product was grown and used by Brewer to control the pain caused by the cancer eating away at Brewer's very life.

Agents seized the couple's van that was used to transport Brewer 279 miles to a Salt Lake City Hospital for treatment.

Our government, and its agents , is well aware that marijuana can relieve the pressure caused by glaucoma. The United States Government has known for many years that marijuana has the ability to alleviate the suffering of cancer. Yet, our government, while allowing prescriptions to some of the most volatile and addictive narcotic know to man, refuse to acknowledge responsible research into the medicinal properties of this illicit drug. The United States Government continues to turn its back on atrocities such the Brewer and Burton cases.


GOVERNMENT, SEIZURE, State Police, marijuana, confiscated, Agents, illicit drug