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Seizure, government, drugs, narcotics, agents, DEA, drugsGOVERNMENT SEIZURE--JUST CAUSE?? Reprinted from Volume 1, Issue 4, FLASHPOINTSeizure, government, drugs, narcotics, agents, DEA, drugs

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Fred Pratt, free lance writer, related this story in a column presented and printed by the News-Miner, of Fairbanks, Alaska on September 10, 1993. Mr. Pratt observed;

Nowhere is the park service a larger or more covetous landlord than in Alaska...people who own isolated cabins, camps in and near federal land would be vulnerable.

Elizabeth and Brian Davis, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, although not losing property to forfeiture, were shocked into awareness of our government in action before sunrise one morning. Elizabeth Brian, two year old Patrick, and three month of Ian were rudely awakened by shouting narcotics agents pounding at their door.

They were being raided!!

Elizabeth was searched by a female officer in front of an open door and then she and her children ordered out of their home. They were required to remain in a police van, while agents tore through personal property in a futile search.

One hour later, she was allowed to return to her home, where she and her husband were finally shown a warrant.

Agents found nothing.

It was a mistake.

A next door neighbor had reported a smell of cat urine. She stated she heard strange noises, the family put there garbage out at late hours, and also informed the agency that Brian did not work, but spent many days away from home.

Brian is a free lance opera singer, and as such frequently travels.

The agents deemed this neighbors unsubstantiated report probable cause to tyrannize an American family in the early dawn.

They fit the 'profile'.

Written apology was received from the Attorney General, but nothing more than a ludicrous "Sorry for the inconvenience.", from the agents as they left the home and a terrified family in their wake.

The Pittsburgh Press reporters Andrew Schneigder and Mary Pat Flaherty, conducted a ten month investigation into conduct of government agents, and the forfeiture law. Twenty-five thousand seizures made by the DEA were reviewed. Sixteen hundred prosecutors, defense lawyers, cops, federal agents, and victims were interviewed. Five hundred and ten cases were examined. Four hundred cases were documented of innocent people falling victim to the lustful government agency intent on dominating and overpowering the common citizen, and taking without just compensation, property owned by those citizens.

The law put in place to obstruct the profit of the drug lords has not stemmed the flow of drugs.

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Seizure, government, drugs, narcotics, agents, DEA, drugs