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Seizure, GOVERNMENT, Jim ColletteGOVERNMENT SEIZURE--JUST CAUSE?? Reprinted from Volume 1, Issue 4, FLASHPOINTSeizure, GOVERNMENT, Jim Collette

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Eighty percent of citizens who lose their property are innocent according to law.

Four out of every five are never charged with a crime, and their property is never returned.

They are victims of a law gone mad!!

Update, obituaries- Daily News Miner, March 21, 1997

Jim Collette always liked jokes, but not of the Letterman/Leno variety. Jim's jokes would fly by the weak-minded, but often leave his more astute friends immobilized, their gear trains jammed from broken teeth.

How to deliver a joke was one of the skills Jim refined during the year spent, studying at a small monastery in southern India. He said of sleeping with rats; "I eventually learned it was better to let them softly nibble on my feet. Moving quickly would startle them.

Last year he had on his answering machine the frustratingly simple message, "Hello."

Although Jim circumnavigated the Earth only once, his interests and broad skills made him a world citizen. He inhabited it with thoughtfulness and scholarship. He could discuss the Elurodollar in Parisian French, or the raising of a filed of corn in rural Spanish.

In Jim's 51 years, with 45 of them gracefully spent in Alaska, his peace was invaded three times. As a young man during the Vietnam War he was ready, with camping gear packed, to take to the hills in a late cold fall to avoid being drafted. He deeply felt the irony as he prepared to avoid his own army, rather than the foreign one he had been taught to fear across the Bering Straits. He was officially reprieved at the last moment.

Jim seldom judged others harshly, but chose for himself not to work on the pipeline, or for any oil companies. He saw them come into Alaska with an offensive swagger and watched with concern as they skewed the economy, ignored the needs of communities, and openly purchased much of Alaska's leadership.

Instead, he offered work of basic value to his neighbors. he provided decent, warm places to live at low cost. His trucks would deliver a generous load of rock for a driveway.

During heavy snowfalls he would work his snowplows 36 hours straight so people could get to work and school, and open businesses.

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Seizure, GOVERNMENT, Jim Collette