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alcoholic, government, seizure, drug, jail, marijuana, Jim ColetteGOVERNMENT SEIZURE--JUST CAUSE?? Reprinted from Volume 1, Issue 4, FLASHPOINTalcoholic, government, seizure, drug, jail, marijuana, Jim Colette

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The third invasion to Jim's peace was the harshest. After an accusation, by an alcoholic acquaintance he had saved from a suicide attempt a decade before, the federal government took his home, every piece of real estate, his tools right down to broken shovels, and short pieces of chain, and all of his hardworking, hard won equipment. They left him penniless and under indictment for serious drug charges.

In a predetermined document store, he felt powerless as he saw 30 years of work disappear. Then they offered a few months jail time if he would plead guilty to a minor felony. Jim found himself unable to compromise with what he clearly felt was an unprincipled system applying bizarre and alien law.

Extraordinarily well prepared for life in a saner, broader world, he left to join it.

There will be a memorial gathering to remember Jim Colette on Saturday, March 22, 1997 at.......

Jim Collette was accused of being a member of his brother's marijuana greenhouse operation. After arrest he fled to Costa Rica, but was incarcerated and returned to the United States many months later. His assets confiscated, he had no financial ability to fight, and entered a plea agreement not to pursue the return of his property to have remaining charges dropped, and be released with time already served. Until the day Jim Collette died, he denied any involvement with the greenhouse operation. Because there was no trial, the public will never know the truth. Jim Collette died as result of a automobile accident in March of 1997.


alcoholic, government, seizure, drug, jail, marijuana, Jim Colette