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Fairbanks Daily Newsminer,
Letter to the Editor
April 19, 1998

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Useless War

To the editor:

The War on drugs rages. We see the fallout in the media, and on the streets. Lives destroyed, and property is ruined. Addiction seems to be at the root of the problem. People in the grips of a dependency mug, burgle, anything to satisfy their craving. We are told all that can be done is being done. Our prisons swell beyond capacity. Police resources are taxed to the limit.

Are we really doing what is most effective?

A study by Rand disclosed treatment was seven times more effective, than any police control program in battling cocaine use. If treatment programs were extended to heavy users, consumption could be cut by a third.

Are there treatments we are missing?

Dr. Michael Smith developed a treatment program using Chinese herbs, and acupuncture. His results were extremely good. A Florida Detox program offered alternative addiction treatment to drug addicts in the criminal justice system. Only 16 percent were rearrested after a year.

Other addiction interrupters are available.

Ibogaine has been used to stop addiction to opiates, stimulants and alcohol. In some cases, Ibogaine has been reported to stop addiction after only one session.

Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky, the chief researcher at Leningrad regional Dispensary of Narcology, hasbeen using ketamine in the treatment of alcoholism for 10 years.

The country with the worst drug problem seems to be lagging behind in the field of addiction interrupters. This year we'll hear the same get tough on crime, and anti-drug rhetoric given by political candidates. The question is, will we listen and follow down the same path they always lead us, or will we seek better solutions?

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