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Drug,  treatment, criminal, sobrietyDrug treatment optionsDrug,  treatment, criminal, sobriety

A new trend in drug treatment is meeting with some success, it is having special treatment for women. These programs often meet the numerous different issues that women may have that are different from men.

"Program implementation require resolutions to numerous barriers including securing a facility for women and children, hiring and training of staff, establishing and maintaining community linkages, treatment considerations, and critical decisions faced by treatment staff as they modify client-centered programs to incorporate gender-specific and family centered programs", Of the few studies that studies women only treatment they generally found they have superior outcomes such as reduced antisocial behavior, decreased criminal activity increased stay in treatment programs(1 ).

Researchers also said about women based treatment. "Preliminary results suggest the demonstration program increases retention in treatment."(2 ).

Of the 56 women who entered women's treatment program 41% left as successes of these who successfully complete the program they have better mental health, loner periods of sobriety and better parenting skills.

Children in the program also showed gains in interpersonal skills, physical well being, cognitive language skills and school performance (for children who attended school)(3 ).

What alternative treatment methods?

Many are discovering that acupuncture is a effective treatment for beating addictions cravings in fact their are about 1,200 acupunture treatment programs across American (4 ).

Online drug treatment may be effective for some trying to regular treatment according to Johns Hopkins researchers. former drug Czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey said "People need effective, science-based treatment that is appropriate for their community," and continued "This Internet delivery behind health care is going to be a big thing for us in the coming years."(5 ).

Treatment patients who used the opioid blocker Suboxone, and received counseling for 12 weeks had better outcomes than those who were treated with standard treatment (6 ).


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